Mathematical Mishaps Set 3

How good are you at avoiding common Mathematical Mishaps? Try these three problems to find out. Once you solve them, check your answers.

1. What is (2) (-3) (4)?
Answer? __________

2. What is (-2) (2) (-2) (2)?
Answer? __________

3. What is (-1)25?
Answer? __________

Click here for answers.

How many Mathematical Mishaps did you get right?

Three... Excellent. You are a mathematics master.
Two... Good. You had a single misstep.
One... Oops. You tripped.
None... Ouch. You fell.

These Mathematical Mishaps tested your knowledge of Multiplying Signed Numbers.

If you had a misstep, trip, or fall, read on and learn how to multiply signed number. If you don't understand multiplying signed numbers, you'll have trouble with everything from pre-algebra to calculus.

Teach Me How to Multiply Signed Numbers

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