Math Attitude Inventory

What�s your math attitude? Are you hot on math or do you just think math is something you just have to put up with 45 minutes a day? 
Mark off each statement that is true for you.

   1.   Students who are good at math are geeks.

   2.   Math is less important than history.

   3.   Girls who are good at math are less popular than girls who are not.

   4.   I can get a good job without math.

   5.   I never use math in everyday life.

   6.   Mathematicians have poor social skills.

   7.   A mathematician would rather play on her computer than go to a party. 

   8.   No one wants to be friends with a math major.

   9.   Good math students are more likely to be the teacher�s pet.

   10. There are just as many high paying jobs for girls who are bad
              at math there as there are for girls who are good at math.

How many times did you answer True?
What's your math attitude?

7, 8, 9, or 10 Ouch! Your Attitude Needs Improving � Big Time

3, 4, 5, 6 Be Careful! Math is More Important than You Think. 

0, 1, 2 Congratulations! You are hot on math! You�ll do well.

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