Math Anxiety Test

How anxious are you about math?
Mark off each statement that is true for you.

      1.   Math makes me nervous.

      2.   I put off my math homework until last.

      3.   I feel dumb in math class.

      4.   I wouldnít take math if I didnít have to.

      5.   I think math is hard.

      6.   I am nervous during a math test.

      7.   Math is my least favorite subject.

      8.   I am afraid to ask questions in math class.

      9.   I hate math.

      10. I donít want to go to the blackboard during math class.

      11. I wish we didnít have to take math.

      12. I hope the teacher doesnít call on me during math class. 

      13. I donít want to have a job where you use math.

      14. Math feels like a foreign language to me.

      15. I get confused in math class easily.

      16. Itís hard for me to pay attention in math class.

      17. Iím afraid to ask for help in math.

      18. I worry everyone will think Iím stupid in math.

      19. I donít like to study math.

      20. Math is scary.

      21. I try to avoid taking classes that involve math.

      22. I canít wait for math class to be over.

      23. I get nervous when I try to do my math homework.

      24. I cut math class more than my other classes.

      25. I get nervous doing simple arithmetic problems without a calculator.

How many times did you answer True?

20 Ė25 Call yourself Anxious Annie.

10 Ė19 Youíre Not Anxious Annie but youíre not a Fearless Female either.

0 Ė 9 Call yourself a Fearless Female.

Find out how to reduce your anxiety at Fear Busters or go to Your Turn to Talk to find out how other girls control their math anxiety.

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