Diagnostic Testing Center

Why not take a diagnostic math test and take the first step to improving your mathematics competence? Once you take a test, you can start to practice. Math is like a foreign language, the more you practice the better you'll get.

Come back to the Diagnostic Testing Center to test your skills on our new diagnostic tests!

What is a diagnostic test?

The diagnostic tests on this website will identify your specific mathematical strengths and weaknesses. The tests will show you what specific mathematical skills you have mastered and what specific mathematical skills you need to practice more. The tests will not give you a percentage score nor will they compare your performance to other test takers around the world. Instead they will help you pinpoint your mathematical weaknesses, so you don't waste time learning what you already know. You can spend your valuable time actually improving your mathematical skill level.

Which test should I take?

The tests are organized by content. Each test covers the keys concepts in a major mathematical content area. You can take a different test to find out how well you understand fractions, decimals, percents, pre-algebra and algebra. Additional tests are under development. Soon you will be able to test your skill at multiplication, division, algebra, measurement, problem solving, money problems and spatial relations.

How do I take a test?

Print the test of your choice (it's free), solve the problems and circle the correct answers.

How will I get the results?

As soon as you finish taking the test press, Show Me the Answers and the answers to the test you just took will appear. Correct your own test and see how well you have mastered a particular subject as well as which specific skills you know and don't know. Remember all the tests are multiple choice so it should only take you a couple of minutes to grade your own test.

How can I improve my skills?

Each of the competencies on the diagnostic tests is linked to a Math FAQ (Frequently Asked Question). Go to the correct Math FAQ's and you will get help with the problems you missed. Finally, at the end of each diagnostic test, you will be given a list of books that might help you improve your weaknesses. You can buy these books directly from the Color Math Pink Website.

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