Do you want to improve the mathematics achievement of girls in your school? Why not call Color Math Pink for help?

Speeches to Parent Groups. In a dynamic and entertaining presentation, we will explain to the parents in your school why it is important their daughters excel at math and how they can help them do so.

Workshops for Teachers. We can help the teachers in your school or school district become more sensitive to the educational needs of girls. We will help teachers develop teaching strategies that encourage female achievement and become aware of things they might be doing that inadvertently discourage the girls in their class.

Speeches to Students. We can motivate girls to enroll in more math classes and excel at the math classes. Using lessons from history, facts about employment, and humor, this dramatic presentation will help the girls in your school appreciate the importance of math and will encourage and motivate them to sign up for more math classes.

If your school has any other math-related needs, why not contact Color Math Pink for help at [email protected]

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