When girls succeed in math their self-esteem, college choices, future career options and earning potential all increase. Color Math
is designed to help your daughter and millions of girls like her improve their performance in math. Color Math Pink has six
major areas your daughter can visit: Homework Help, Your Turn to Talk, Test Your Skills, Tutoring Center, Career Corner, and Student Pink Links.

Here is how we recommend you and your daughter can use Color Math Pink to dramatically improve her math skills.

First: Have your daughter take each of the Math Improvement Programs at her level and below. These will tell you what she does and doesn't know about math.

Second: Teach her what she doesn't know as outlined in the Math Improvement Programs. Correcting past problems can greatly increase her math performance at any level.

Third: Find her a tutor or two at the Tutoring Center to help her with her homework and be a role model.

Fourth: Suggest she tutor another girl at the Tutoring Center. By helping another girl succeed her own math skills and confidence will improve.

What are you waiting for? Get started today.

Here are some other ways you can use Color Math Pink to help your daughter succeed in Math.

  1. At Shocking Statistics, learn the latest on the math gender gap.

  2. At Female Friendly Classes, determine if your daughter’s math teacher treats girls and boys equally.

  3. At Help Your Daughter Succeed, learn how to help your daughter achieve success in math. 

  4. At Math Games and Activities, find interactive math activities that you can do with your daughter. 

  5. At Pink Parent Links, link to the best mathematically related sites on the web. 

  6. At the Math Product Center, purchase mathematically related products and books. 

  7. At Speeches, Workshops, and More, find out about speeches and workshops offered for teachers, parents and students. 

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