Nervous about math? Here are Color Math Pink’s Top Three Fearbusters. When you finish reading these go to Your Turn to Talk and read how other girls control their math anxiety or suggest some anxiety reducing math tips of your own.

  • Over-study. If you get nervous before a math test, over-study. Do more problems than you think you need to do. The better prepared you are for the test, the less nervous you will be.
  • Watch Your Thoughts. If you get nervous about math, or anything else for that matter, you are probably saying negative things to yourself like, "I’m no good at math," "I don’t know anything," or "I’m going to fail this test." You’re making yourself nervous. Try saying positive things to yourself like, "I’m learning a lot," "I can get good grades in math," and "I will pass this test."
  • Breathe Easily. If you start getting nervous, breathe slowly and easily. Close your eyes, take five deep breaths and picture yourself in a peaceful place.


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