Games and Activities

This section contains games and activities to enrich your understanding of mathematics. Each of the games and activities use different items that can be found in most homes such as magic markers, paper, paper plates, dice, index cards, playing cards, ruler, tape measure, and calculator.

Some of these games and activities can be played alone, while for other you need a friend. All of them are fun and will deepen your understanding of mathematics.

  1. 3-Minute Long Division

  2. Buzz - Bizz

  3. Little Dolls, Big Dolls

  4. Fraction War!

  5. Graph Paper Multiplication

  6. Division as Grouping

  7. License Plate Multiplication

  8. Neighborhood Distances

  9. Combination Pizza

  10. The Price is Right

  11. Off to the Races

  12. Division Search

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