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Author:  Rebecca
E-mail:  not available
Date:  7/20/00 3:25:40 PM
Subject:  All Math Courses
Message:  Studying for a test can be an intimidating experience. It often seems like there is so much information to learn that you don't know where to start! These are the things I like to do when studying for a math test:

1) Review the chapters in the text book covered on the test
2) Work through the example problems in each chapter
3) Review and redo the home work problems assigned by the Teacher
4) Do home work problems not assigned, but are similar to the ones assigned
5) Review and Redo any quizzes leading up to the test covering the material

It is important to start early when studying. Give yourself 3-5 days before the exam. That way you can work a couple hours each night and have time to ask the teacher questions about material you don't understand before the exam. Cramming 6 hours of studying into one night is a recipe for disaster.


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