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Author:  Jenn
E-mail:  charmin*[email protected]
Date:  10/15/00 8:20:12 PM
Subject:  Test Taking
Message:  Hey everyone~
What I do while taking a test is i start with the ones that I know really well, I'll flip through all the pages until I find one. THen, once they're all done, then you go find the ones that are worth the most points. BUT, give yourself a time limit depending on how long your classes are, for example 5 or 10 minutes for every hard question. If you don't have it after your time limit has expired, go to the next one. Once you've tried your hardest to finish it, close your test for about 2-3 minutes and think about nothing, or your week-end, it doesn't matter, just NOT math. After 2-3 minutes re-open the test and go over the ones that you've done and the ones that you couldn't get. The answer should come to you the second time around, but whatever you do in thoses 2-3 minutes, DON'T THINK ABOUT MATH!
good luck!
love always,
jenn oxoxo

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