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Dr. Lynette Long, the Co-Founder of Color Math Pink is passionate about math and passionate about girls learning math. As a young girl, she was identified as a gifted math student and she recognized early how valuable a strong background in math can be. She wants to share her love of math and her understanding of math concepts with girls around the world.

A former high school mathematics teacher, school principal and college professor, Dr. Lynette Long has taught mathematics at all levels from kindergarten through graduate school. An experienced math educator, Dr. Long has served on the faculties of The Catholic University of America, Loyola College in Maryland, The American University, and The University of Maryland, Asian Division, either teaching math or teaching teachers how to teach math. She has designed mathematics laboratories, written mathematics curriculum, designed math games, and published articles in the area of mathematics education.

Dr. Lynette Long received her Ph.D. in Counseling and Educational Psychology from the University of Illinois. Dr. Long earned a Master of Science Degree in Mathematics Education and a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Chemistry both from the University of Illinois.

Seth Long is the Co-Founder and Director of Business Development and Marketing for ColorMathPink.com. Seth completed his undergraduate studies at Bowdoin College, where he majored in Neuroscience and completed courses in integral calculus, statistical analysis, and calculus-based physics. Currently working on Wall Street as a corporate banker, Seth recognizes the importance of a strong quantitative background. His own background in mathematics enabled him to switch smoothly from a career in medicine to one more focused on business. In co-founding Colormathpink.com, Seth hopes to afford others the same flexibility and opportunity. Seth is also a Housing Committee Member and Volunteer Leader at the Boys Club of New York, where he mentors adolescent boys from the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Dr. Long has published numerous math books for elementary, middle and high school students:

Painless Algebra


Domino Addition

One Dollar:
My First Book About Money


Dealing With Addition

Painless Algebra, part of Barron's Painless Series (1998), presents the basic concepts of algebra in an easy to understand format.

Domino Addition (Charlesbridge, 1994), was selected by Scholastic as a book club selection. Domino Addition, which teaches young children how to add using the spots on dominoes, was reprinted in Spanish as Sumemos Con El Domino and in England under the title Domino 1,2,3.

One Dollar: My First Book about Money (Barron's, 1998), teaches basic money concepts as they relate to one dollar.

Dealing with Addition (Charlesbridge, 1998), uses playing cards to teach more advanced mathematics skills.

Mastering Multiplication: Games and Activities that Make Math Easy and Fun (Wiley, 2000), is a collection of games and activities that teach kids everything they need to know about multiplication.

Dazzling Division: Games and Activities that Make Math (Wiley, 2000) is a collection of games and activities that teach kids everything they need to know about division.

Fun with Fractions and Measurement Mania are additional entertaining titles in the Magical Math series.

Have a question? Why not e-mail the Founders at DrLong@ColorMathPink.com.



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